Month: December 2017

What Is And How To Know The Authority Of An Internet Domain

What is the authority of a domain?

Authority is a relative term to know the importance of a blog or an internet site that has its own domain name. Therefore it is impossible to try to know the one of a blog that uses a free service of WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or other services of publication.Authority is relative because there is no exact method to know the importance of a domain.

There is no service that can offer that information.

Of all the existing services on the Internet who could catalog the most accurate information is the Google search engine due to its constant tracking for its operation.

What Is And How To Know The Authority Of An Internet Domain

Google reserves this information.

In the past, Page Rank was used, but over time it has become obsolete and is currently not updated.However, there are alternative services that use their own index to catalog the authority and importance of internet sites.

How is the authority of a domain estimated?

To catalog the authority of any internet site the following indicators are used:

  • – Age of the domain
  • – Number of external links or backlinks (Inbound Links)
  • – Number of Dofollow and Nofollow links
  • – Quality and authority of these links
  • – Types of reference domains (GOV, EDU, COM, NET, ORG, etc.)
  • – Number of reference domains of the links
  • – Number of IP addresses of the reference Subnets and links

Services to know the authority of an internet domain

There are three main internet services that catalog the authority of any domain.In addition to providing other services, they allow you to check the authority of any website that uses your own domain name.We can use them to verify the authority of ours, another site that interests us or that we want to know how it is valued.

Moz domain authority

  • The most well-known of the values to establish the authority of the sites analyzing the links from other internet sites and the importance of each one is the DA (domain authority) of Moz.
  • Moz formerly called DMoz is a very prestigious web analytics service.
  • It has its own robot that scans the sites in search of information to know the main metrics.
  • It is a paid service, but with a free limited option that offers the elementary information of any site.
  • It’s the Open Site Explorer tool.
  • The following screenshot shows an example of what Open Site Explorer indicates about the domain of this website.
  • Moz also provides a metric to know the importance of any internet page called the “mozRank”.

Domain Rank of Ahrefs

The popular SEO analytics service Ahrefs uses its own ranking that is established by analyzing the number of backlinks on a site and its popularity.

  • By using the Site Explorer tool you can analyze any domain and get your Ahrefs Domain Rank.
  • It’s a number between 1 and 100.
  • ✓ A Rank from 1 to 30 indicates a domain that is not popular.
  • ✓ A Rank between 31 and 70 is the average.
  • ✓ A rank higher than 71 indicates a very popular domain.
  • Similarly, the service uses URL Rank for any web page independently.
  • The Ahrefs service is paid, but the analysis of the Rank of any domain can be done using the free option.
  • The free report also includes several useful metrics, such as the number of backlinks, the type of referring domains.

Also graphs that help to understand the evolution of the domain in the course of a year and a map with the geographical distribution of the domains that link.

Majestic Trust Flow

  • The third tool we recommend is Majestic’s Site, Explorer
  • Analyze any domain or URL and return two metrics, the Trust Flow, and the Citation Flow.
  • Trust Flow is one of Majestic Flow Metrics and indicates the number of clicks from a set of trusted sites to access a given URL or domain.
  • Citation Flow indicates the number of mentions made from a given URL or domain.

FDM: Free download manager is another IDM for Freeware Lovers

Those who practice the “wild download” will certainly find this software open source, which manages to handle almost all types of downloads, from the simple file to be downloaded from a site using the HTTP or FTP protocol, to files that are downloaded via the protocol torrent. FDM is a great alternative to IDM and cheaper too but if you get IDM serial key free then no need to get FDM.

The installation does not offer third-party toolbars or software during the file copy process. The only peculiarity of the installer is that it proposes to link the program to the community of the parent site, so as to receive information and opinions from other users on the files that are being downloaded, even in real time. Before starting copying files, the installer will ask whether or not to enable the bittorrent file support, to use this very popular file sharing protocol.

The interface is quite neat, and has a whole series of buttons for managing downloads. To add a “simple” download simply click on the first button on the left (the one marked with the addition sign) and paste the Internet address of the file to be downloaded in the URL field. The other fields to be filled out are intuitive, such as the path in which to save the download and the Activities drop-down menu , which allows you to choose whether to open the file at the end of the download after saving it or starting it from a temporary folder. It is also possible, in the Start Download area , to intervene at the time of download start: automatically , manually (putting it in the queue), or scheduling the execution at a given time, setting the date and time.


Once you have pasted the download address into the appropriate field and configure the other optional settings, simply click on OK to start the download procedure. Unless otherwise specified, the program will start the download by segmenting it, or by establishing with the server as many connections as possible, to speed up the procedure.

Free download manager also supports downloads of FLV movies from video portals like YouTube (but does not guarantee that the download is welcome for the portal to which it is drawn). Once you have chosen the video to be downloaded, we will first click on the video tab, and then on the usual button with the addition sign. The program will recognize the video highlighting information such as title and author (when available), proposing them in a screen that precedes the actual launch of the download.

Interesting the possibility to convert “on the fly” the file that you are downloading. Checking the box automatically converts video … , and then the Customize button , we will indicate to the program which format to “render” the downloaded movie. AVI, FLV, WMV, Mpeg (1 and 2) Mp4 and MP3 formats are supported. Also you can even change the size of the video during the conversion.

Downloading torrent files is just as easy. After downloading the .torrent file that contains the data necessary to hook the download we will not have to do anything else but indicate it to Free download Manager, which will immediately start downloading the affected file. Really convenient and fast. At the bottom of the window we will be able to view information about the peers we are connected to, and the download and upload speeds.