How to Write Content for SEO

When it comes to writing content for SEO, optimizing content is essential to achieve a good positioning of that text in the organic results of Google.

There are several technical aspects that you should consider, but the most important thing is that you must write for your users, that is, write for who will read your texts, and do not try in any way to manipulate the rules to excel in front of your competitors.

When you write thinking about robots and not your users, you will be damaging your site in two ways: first, you will be penalized by Google, for trying to take advantage of the algorithm in some way; and then you will be writing content of little value, which will decrease your chances of conversion and loyalty.

Write content for SEO, it is about writing good content and that it is correctly optimized. However, it requires more dedication and above all some strategy.

But do not worry, below we will tell you how to write content for SEO correctly.

But first, remember that it is SEO:

How to Write Content for SEO

How to write content for SEO

Although currently, the Google algorithm seeks above all authenticity in regard to content published on sites and blogs, continues to use several factors, both internal and external, to determine if one content is more relevant than the other.

Contrary to what many people believe, Google does not care if a certain content is better or worse than another. Google’s job is not to analyze this, but the relevance of that content for the search that the user is doing.

When you type something in your browser, Google looks for the best possible answer. Not necessarily the “best” content comes out, since the meaning of “better” is quite subjective.

What matters to Google is the relevance of that content to the user who made that search.If an article responds to the user’s doubts, then that content is more relevant than another.

Logically, writing good content is not just that. But if we start from the principle that your content does not meet that requirement, then all the rest will be in vain.

Now, more important than a good optimization is that you always think about the user who is doing the search and the content that you are going to deliver for him as an answer to his doubts or problems.

So what should you do? Know how to write content for SEO, since it has certain characteristics that you should know, let’s see what they are:


Writing content for SEO must be totally results-oriented. And, for you to be successful, there is an essential first step: planning. It is at this stage you must determine the title, the keyword, structure, and language of the text. Remember: you must do this, always, with care, studying the strategy of the brand well and using good references for your research. In addition, at this time you must study what will be the best way to share the content on social networks because this is essential for the contact of your audience with the text and the success of your strategy.

Always think of people

One of the elements that most influence when writing content for SEO, is the person of the text. For this, you must define your buyer person.A buyer person is a fictitious representative of the person to whom you direct the text, so it is so important that this content is really relevant and valuable to her.

To be successful in the production of the content, it is necessary to investigate and analyze the problems, desires, challenges and needs of that person.In this way, you will generate content that provides a solution to the problem or clear a doubt of the person. In addition, this will ensure that the content will be useful, that the person will read it and interact with it in some way.

Focus on the evergreen contents

The evergreen content is a trend. It is the most used by companies that invest in digital marketing. Why? It lasts over time, without becoming obsolete, does not expire and provides a value for the user today and also within 1 year.

Unlike the news texts, which talk about momentary issues and that can become disinterested in a few days, the evergreen deals with more complete and lasting information on some issue, seeking to educate the person about it.

When we write content for SEO, an evergreen content is ideal, since it will position your company with authority in the market, in addition, you will generate much more value for your users.

Hyperlinks: the key to interactive reading!

The use of hyperlinks is responsible for transforming the way of writing for SEO. The use of links in the texts generates mobility for the reader, which will be conducted from one text to the other, complementing their reading. To achieve this it is necessary that the links be included strategically.

Now, that you know the main characteristics of writing content for SEO, we will give you some tips so that you will be successful when writing your content.

Tips for writing the text

Do you have a blog but are not getting the results you expected with the content you publish? Investigate the reasons, and analyze if the content you wrote has the necessary characteristics to be successful with your audience.

If not, remember that writing content for SEO must comply with certain rules that can give more prominence to the content you are addressing.

1. Choose what you will write about

Analyze your keywords Although the vast majority of writers, in principle, do not think about it, the reality is that not all keywords are relevant at the level of the search.

If you think about writing an article about how to lose weight fast, for example, did you know that there are dozens of other more interesting keywords to work on than the keyword “how to lose weight fast”?

To know what keywords we use in our articles, we use the KWFinder tool , which is absolutely fantastic and super affordable. With this tool we can understand what are the keywords we really need when writing content for SEO

2. Density of the keyword in the content

It is amazing how 90% of the editors, beginners, believe that using the keyword in 3% of their text will help them instantly to a better positioning in Google. However, things do not work that way.

When the goal is to write content for SEO, keyword density, although relevant, is not the most important. So, more important than the density of the keyword, in the content, is the quality of it.

So when you go to write content for SEO, you must create one that can really help the reader to clarify their doubts about that subject in question. The more you think about taking advantage of the algorithm, the less natural your content will look.

3. Internal links and external links

One of the aspects that the editors neglect most when writing content for SEO are the links (internal and external) within the text. Unfortunately, there are still many people who believe that linking to other sites is removing relevance to their content, when in fact what happens is just the opposite.

When you connect to other sites with relevant content, you will not only be helping your users but also improving the relevance of your content, because it is citing credible sources that will help the reader during the search process on the subject. The internal link is also important. Whenever possible, make between 1 to 3 internal links in your textsIn addition to linking to other relevant subjects on your site/blog, you will be referring these articles to certain keywords.

4. Optimization of text content

When you are going to write content for SEO, evidently, text optimization is very important for Google to understand what is most relevant, but above all so that your reader can consume the content easily. What we usually call reading diagonally. In addition, optimization will help you to structure your text correctly, organizing all the information in a logical way.The use of headings of title, subtitles, lists with points or enumeration, bold, italics, etc., are ways to tell Google what parts of your content are more relevant and what is the hierarchical organization of it.

5. Images in the texts

Using images in texts is done for two reasons: your content will be more friendly, for the reader, facilitating reading and giving greater relevance to certain topics in the text.

Second, because the images are optimized with the title and alternative text, which will allow you to place your keyword also when you optimize your images.

6. Texts big or small?

Although there are no specific studies that say that it is necessary to produce extensive content, there are several analyzes carried out by several experts, which indicate that larger and more relevant texts usually tend to achieve a better positioning in Google.

There are also several indications that Google likes large and complete texts, since it considers that they are more relevant to the answer to the question that the reader asked during his search.

7. Start and finish the article thinking about SEO

If you are going to write SEO content you must think all the time about SEO, this will guarantee you are using the appropriate mechanisms to make your article more visible in search engines such as Google, for example.

Tools that will help you write content for SEO

One of the biggest challenges when writing content to improve SEO is choosing keywords that are compatible with the site and attract qualified traffic to your page.

However, with a lot of planning and help from some tools, you may find the terms that best suit your content marketing strategy.

We are going to share some tools that we use to find the right keywords when you are going to write content for SEO

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool with which you can identify keywords and queries about a specific term. The google trends tool offers the option to filter the results of searches, for example, you can search by location; city or country of origin. You can also search by type of source: images, Google Shopping, news or YouTube, or if you prefer you can filter the search in a certain period of time. Indefinite, the important thing that you know what your potential clients, or current clients, are investigating on the Internet since this will give you ideas of what keywords you should use to increase the traffic towards your page.


This tool is ideal for searching a specific keyword and identifying the sites that appear in the first google search results, either by organic or paid traffic.

SEMRush  also displays a list of keywords related to the term you are researching, giving you more options to insert into your keyword list.

Google Analytics + Google Search Console

If you have a page or a blog for your brand or product, you probably already use the data provided by Google Analytics , to evaluate the performance of your page.

Anyway it is good to know that in addition to all the features available in Analytics, you can integrate with Google Search Console to identify the words that can generate more traffic to your page.

What should you do? Well, go to Google Search Console, select the “Search” menu and then select “Search Analytics”. This way, you will know if the keyword, or the keywords, that you are trying to position is the right one to attract traffic to your site.

Google Search Console will show you the geolocation of the main queries and through which device (mobile, PC, tablet) were made. This information will help you optimize your content strategy and search for keywords with which you can attract truly qualified traffic to your site or website.

Keyword Planner

Keyword Planner is a Google Adwords tool used to find keywords.

How is it used? You just have to enter the keywords related to your content. The tool will show you a series of keywords that you can use in your content strategy, as long as this word is relevant to your audience.

Google search bar

The Google search bar is another tool that will help you analyze your keywords.

When you enter a word in the Google search bar, the autocomplete search function will show you a list of search suggestions that are related to the keyword you used, which can provide great keyword ideas to attract your target audience.

Now, it is important that you clear your browser’s cache. Otherwise, Google will use the search pattern that is stored on your PC.


MOZ has a tool with which you can analyze your keyword: Keyword Explorer

To use the tool you just have to enter your keyword in the search bar and you will know, among other things:

  • The level of difficulty you will have to be able to rank the word you are looking for;
  • the number of times that word has been searched and;
  • the pages that have already searched for that term.


Checklist before publishing the post

SEO content has so many elements that it’s really easy to forget, right? To help you succeed when writing content for SEO, we leave you a Checklist , which you can consult whenever you want.

If you guess at least most of the items on the list, you can be sure that you will be successful with your content.


These are the questions you should ask yourself when you are going to write a title:

  • Would someone write my title on Google? If the answer is affirmative, it is very likely that you will get more search traffic.
  • Does my title arouse curiosity? This type of title trend to get more clicks.
  • Is my title short and direct to the point? The title should have approximately 57 characters so that it appears full on the Google results page.
  • Is my title clear? This is very important. If the readers do not know what they are clicking, they will leave your site.
  • Am I using the emotions? Try to invoke a wish within your title, you will reach more people.
  • Does my title contain some popular words or phrases? If this is not the case, do not expect any location on Google.


Each article must contain an introduction. These are the questions you should ask yourself when writing it:

  • Am I going to join my readers? You can achieve this with a question in your introductory paragraph.
  • Is it concise? 3 paragraphs will usually be enough.
  • Does it provide a detailed overview? When your readers read the introduction, they should know if the content is a good option for them.
  • Can I include an image? Include an image, or a video, to encourage readers to click.

Text body

When writing content for SEO, be sure to ask yourself:

  • Have I used subtitles? Make it easier for your readers to read and explore your content.
  • Do my paragraphs have less than 5 lines? Paragraphs must not have more than 5 lines.
  • Am I creating a conversation? You must use the words “you” and “me” within your content. This will create the illusion of a conversation.
  • Do I italicize my questions? This will make your content look more personalized.
  • Am I telling a story? Your readers will get bored, unless you keep them connected, to avoid this you must tell a story.
  • Am I using media to improve my content? The images, videos and audio will help you to personalize your brand.
  • Is my content concise? Do not write nonsense, nobody will want to read them.
  • Am I trying to look smart? Using beautiful words and talking low with your readers are great ways to lose them.
  • Is it related to any current event? Use Google and Yahoo News to identify trends that will help you generate content that will attract more traffic.
  • What emotion am I going through? Your content should appeal to certain emotions such as humor or anger. Choose one or some of them and use them throughout your content. The goal is to take your readers through an emotional roller coaster; as in the novels.
  • Am I using links? Use links, always, to other sites, when appropriate. In this way, you can send these links when you publish your content and ask them to share in their social profiles.


When you finish writing content for SEO, ask yourself:

  • Did I finish my post with a question? This is a way to generate more comments. Also, place the question in italics.
  • Have I been able to summarize my post within 3 short paragraphs? A summary should be short and direct to the point and provide the essence of your post.
  • Does my summary have less than 200 words? Ideally, your summary of having around 100 to 150 words.
  • Do you leave things open? Your content should not be read as a final verdict on a topic. Instead, invite your readers to participate and contribute more on the subject.
  • Does my conclusion encourage people to read my content? Some people read the conclusion before reading the content. If it is seductive, move up to read the rest.


When you are going to write content for SEO, you must have the ability to select the titles and the correct keywords that attract traffic to your site. Of course, you must take care of grammar and spelling.

In addition, you must take advantage of the benefits that the tools that we mentioned in the article give you so that you can be successful in writing your content.

Do not write trying to take advantage of SEO to manipulate the system, Google will understand and penalize you and the worst your readers will also notice and discard your content.

Writing SEO content requires that you incorporate a series of elements into the text, which can easily be forgotten. But with the checklist that we share with you, in this article, this will not happen to you.

6 Steps to Make Your Viber Account More Secure

Make Viber SecureThanks to the increased use of smartphones , you no longer have to worry about the number of messages you send. Today there is a large selection of different messaging applications to choose from, which allow you to send as many messages to as many people as you want or include them at no additional cost. Not only that, you can also freely send videos, images, and even share your location with others.

Depending on where you live, the most popular messaging application could be WhatsApp or Kik, Telegram or Voxer. Another popular application is Viber , which has more than 100 million active monthly users out of a total of 280 million registered users. The messaging tool, which was launched in 2010, is available for both iOS and Android and allows you to make video and audio chats. In this post you will learn 6 Steps to Make your Viber Account more secure to increase it’s security. There are many other websites as well but unlike these Mobile Applications they work in a different way. In these social websites you can hang around with strangers from all over the world. You can find online chat room there having unlimited members chatting at the same time from all over the world. These International chat rooms have also Pakistani chatting room which allow you to meet Pakistanis from around the world for chatting without registration.

Of course, as with all messaging applications, you have to make sure that what you share is safe. For this, we have prepared a few simple steps to protect your data in Viber.

6 Steps to Make your Viber Account more Secure

  1. Change your status online

It may seem like a pretty simple step, but there’s no need for your contacts to know every time you open the application to read an old message. In order to hide your status online in Viber, go to the Settings section, select “Privacy” and uncheck “Share status”.

  1. Hide your profile picture from strangers

Having a profile picture on Viber helps your contacts recognize you quickly and easily. What’s wrong ?, that this can also be done with the same ease by unknown people. Disable this option in “Privacy”, select “Profile photo” and select “Nobody”.

  1. Change the option to see contacts

If you do not want your contacts to know when you have seen or read their messages, you can change this option in “Settings”, then “Privacy”, and click on the “Share status” button.

  1. Use a password to block your account

If you have the bad luck that your smartphone ends up in the hands of another person, you can make sure that they are not able to read your private messages by using a password to block access. The application itself does not come with any blocking device, but you can download a password application that you can use with Viber for free.

  1. Do not save Viber photos in your gallery

All the photos that are sent or received through the application are automatically stored in a new folder in the gallery of your phone. So, even if you have blocked the application, they can still access your photos. You just have to delete the photos immediately (you can still see them inside the app) or follow these quick and easy steps:

  • Download an application manager such as ASTRO, ES File Manager, or Cabinet Beta
  • Go to “Viber Viber \ Media \ Images” directory of your phone.
  • Create a new “.nomedia” file (without quotes) and save it.
  1. Hide state of use in the app

Any game or action you carry out within the application is visible to others, so to prevent them from seeing what you are doing you just have to go to “Settings”, “Privacy”, and click on the ” Share use status. ” As easy as that.

So, now that you have completed these simple steps, you can make sure that everything you send to your family and friends can remain confidential.

How to use Spotify Premium Apk

What is Spotify for you in this post? What is Spotify different from other counterparts? How to use Spotify we will talk about these.

What is Spotify?

Spotify is an online music platform that has been available in many countries since 2008. Longtime wanting to show its presence in Turkey, Spotify, began broadcasting in September. Free users were allowed to listen to music for only 2.5 hours after an unlimited trial period of 6 months, and now the restriction was removed.

One of the friends told you what Spotify is like as a video, you can find the video below.

What is Spotify’s Song?

Spotify’s greatest opponents are now Beats Music and Rdio music services. We wanted to share Spotify in different materials.

  • It gives you the legal right to listen to music.
  • When making deals with music owners, Spotify gets paid via standard member advertisements. Premium earns revenue, earns money, and makes royalty payments.
  • A huge song database.
  • It has both a web interface, a computer program and a mobile application.
  • There are many details such as making a playlist, listening to music offline.
  • Thanks to the Shazam-Spotify integration, you can listen to your favorite music from Shazam for free from Spotify.

How to use Spotify

First you have to download spotify premium version in apk from here and then you can enter Spotify in two different ways. The first one with Facebook and the second one with login are user login. Let’s say immediately without forgetting If you log in to Spotify via Facebook, you can find your friends’ playlists.

I logged in via Facebook and downloaded a file from your computer and you will be prompted to install it.

After installing the program, you will see that Spotify is installed on your desktop. Run the program, you will enter your Facebook username and password.

There are songs in many different categories and categories. You will be prompted to choose your Facebook friends after the election and you have the option of following the singers you want. You can hear the songs by choosing the playlist from the latest biggest playlists.

All you have to do is start with the song you want. Then enjoy your music with Spotify! You can prepare your own playlists without forgetting.

You can reach it by typing the desired songs from the above search.

Recent Developments In Spotify

  • Spotify announced the most listened music for 2013. According to Spotify analysis, the most popular female singer is Rihanna while the male song is Macklemore. “Can not Hold Us” was the most listened to from the songs. Click for more.
  • Spotify announces that it has removed the time constraint. With a free 6-month limit, Spotify will be able to listen to music for free without any time constraints.

How To Know The Location Of Your Partner By a WhatsApp Chat

We really did not know anything about this feature, but it seems quite dangerous that a person could know by which IP address another person is connecting to WhatsApp.As we have mentioned in other notes of Geek Data, WhatsApp is still one of the most insecure IM clients and has certain problems in terms of security. Today we are going to show you another security flaw seeing the interest that readers have in the security of this instant messaging

The study of this failure was published by Luis Delgado and Ferran Pichel in Security By Default, not only to take advantage of this feature in order to locate the IP address of a person, but as a security failure that caused a Denial of Service in the app, besides being able to generate an uncontrolled consumption of resources.The problem of security is that by default in the new versions of WhtasApp for Android (iPhone is introducing that feature), the application shows a preview image of any URL that has been sent as a chat message on WhatsApp.

The functionality of displaying a thumbnail preview of an image of the shared web address is common in any social network in which it is allowed to publish URLs, such as Facebook or Twitter, and that is why they must have introduced it. The detail however is subtle as Chema mentions, and completely changes the scenario, since in Facebook or Google+ the image is downloaded from the social network when viewed by a client, but by making this default in a mobile client Security risks are equivalent to when a remote image is downloaded by default in an email.

How To Know The Location Of Your Partner By a WhatsApp Chat

By sending a URL from a website that has an image that is included from a controlled web server, forces the WhatsApp client for Android to make a request to the web server to download the image.In that request you can see the IP address from which the WhatsApp client for Android, that is, the mobile of the person behind a phone number, is connecting. The geographical location of the IP addresses are not 100% accurate and sometimes disparate things may happen, but it poses a risk to the privacy of a person in many cases in which it is possible to geo-position the address more or less correctly. IP.

In addition to that, the USER-AGENT is also in the petition, where many details of the software that is running after a certain phone number are given, which in a targeted attack scheme can be important, especially today they are known bugs for Android terminals not updated. Do not forget that users of Android terminals, due to the dispersion of hardware, are the least updated have the operating system, so they are the most exposed to known exploits.

If you have WhatsApp for Android it is best that you deactivate this option, which contributes rather little for your security and privacy. Also, as a general precaution try not to follow links you receive by WhatsApp messages, because even if you do not automatically upload the images, if you click on a link that you receive by WhatsApp and take you to a controlled web server, you will Make your IP address public, and the same thing will happen.

What Is And How To Know The Authority Of An Internet Domain

What is the authority of a domain?

Authority is a relative term to know the importance of a blog or an internet site that has its own domain name. Therefore it is impossible to try to know the one of a blog that uses a free service of WordPress, Blogger, Tumblr or other services of publication.Authority is relative because there is no exact method to know the importance of a domain.

There is no service that can offer that information.

Of all the existing services on the Internet who could catalog the most accurate information is the Google search engine due to its constant tracking for its operation.

What Is And How To Know The Authority Of An Internet Domain

Google reserves this information.

In the past, Page Rank was used, but over time it has become obsolete and is currently not updated.However, there are alternative services that use their own index to catalog the authority and importance of internet sites.

How is the authority of a domain estimated?

To catalog the authority of any internet site the following indicators are used:

  • – Age of the domain
  • – Number of external links or backlinks (Inbound Links)
  • – Number of Dofollow and Nofollow links
  • – Quality and authority of these links
  • – Types of reference domains (GOV, EDU, COM, NET, ORG, etc.)
  • – Number of reference domains of the links
  • – Number of IP addresses of the reference Subnets and links

Services to know the authority of an internet domain

There are three main internet services that catalog the authority of any domain.In addition to providing other services, they allow you to check the authority of any website that uses your own domain name.We can use them to verify the authority of ours, another site that interests us or that we want to know how it is valued.

Moz domain authority

  • The most well-known of the values to establish the authority of the sites analyzing the links from other internet sites and the importance of each one is the DA (domain authority) of Moz.
  • Moz formerly called DMoz is a very prestigious web analytics service.
  • It has its own robot that scans the sites in search of information to know the main metrics.
  • It is a paid service, but with a free limited option that offers the elementary information of any site.
  • It’s the Open Site Explorer tool.
  • The following screenshot shows an example of what Open Site Explorer indicates about the domain of this website.
  • Moz also provides a metric to know the importance of any internet page called the “mozRank”.

Domain Rank of Ahrefs

The popular SEO analytics service Ahrefs uses its own ranking that is established by analyzing the number of backlinks on a site and its popularity.

  • By using the Site Explorer tool you can analyze any domain and get your Ahrefs Domain Rank.
  • It’s a number between 1 and 100.
  • ✓ A Rank from 1 to 30 indicates a domain that is not popular.
  • ✓ A Rank between 31 and 70 is the average.
  • ✓ A rank higher than 71 indicates a very popular domain.
  • Similarly, the service uses URL Rank for any web page independently.
  • The Ahrefs service is paid, but the analysis of the Rank of any domain can be done using the free option.
  • The free report also includes several useful metrics, such as the number of backlinks, the type of referring domains.

Also graphs that help to understand the evolution of the domain in the course of a year and a map with the geographical distribution of the domains that link.

Majestic Trust Flow

  • The third tool we recommend is Majestic’s Site, Explorer
  • Analyze any domain or URL and return two metrics, the Trust Flow, and the Citation Flow.
  • Trust Flow is one of Majestic Flow Metrics and indicates the number of clicks from a set of trusted sites to access a given URL or domain.
  • Citation Flow indicates the number of mentions made from a given URL or domain.

FDM: Free download manager is another IDM for Freeware Lovers

Those who practice the “wild download” will certainly find this software open source, which manages to handle almost all types of downloads, from the simple file to be downloaded from a site using the HTTP or FTP protocol, to files that are downloaded via the protocol torrent. FDM is a great alternative to IDM and cheaper too but if you get IDM serial key free then no need to get FDM.

The installation does not offer third-party toolbars or software during the file copy process. The only peculiarity of the installer is that it proposes to link the program to the community of the parent site, so as to receive information and opinions from other users on the files that are being downloaded, even in real time. Before starting copying files, the installer will ask whether or not to enable the bittorrent file support, to use this very popular file sharing protocol.

The interface is quite neat, and has a whole series of buttons for managing downloads. To add a “simple” download simply click on the first button on the left (the one marked with the addition sign) and paste the Internet address of the file to be downloaded in the URL field. The other fields to be filled out are intuitive, such as the path in which to save the download and the Activities drop-down menu , which allows you to choose whether to open the file at the end of the download after saving it or starting it from a temporary folder. It is also possible, in the Start Download area , to intervene at the time of download start: automatically , manually (putting it in the queue), or scheduling the execution at a given time, setting the date and time.


Once you have pasted the download address into the appropriate field and configure the other optional settings, simply click on OK to start the download procedure. Unless otherwise specified, the program will start the download by segmenting it, or by establishing with the server as many connections as possible, to speed up the procedure.

Free download manager also supports downloads of FLV movies from video portals like YouTube (but does not guarantee that the download is welcome for the portal to which it is drawn). Once you have chosen the video to be downloaded, we will first click on the video tab, and then on the usual button with the addition sign. The program will recognize the video highlighting information such as title and author (when available), proposing them in a screen that precedes the actual launch of the download.

Interesting the possibility to convert “on the fly” the file that you are downloading. Checking the box automatically converts video … , and then the Customize button , we will indicate to the program which format to “render” the downloaded movie. AVI, FLV, WMV, Mpeg (1 and 2) Mp4 and MP3 formats are supported. Also you can even change the size of the video during the conversion.

Downloading torrent files is just as easy. After downloading the .torrent file that contains the data necessary to hook the download we will not have to do anything else but indicate it to Free download Manager, which will immediately start downloading the affected file. Really convenient and fast. At the bottom of the window we will be able to view information about the peers we are connected to, and the download and upload speeds.

Do you have a responsive web design Check it here

The importance of a responsive web design

Cell phones have evolved to the point where they have completely changed our lifestyle, the way we communicate and especially the way we access information.

The immediacy is the perfect ally for these devices, if it is already more than evident, that yes, we are not on the Internet we do not exist, now is that, if our website is not optimized for mobile we continue in anonymity.

That is, the information on the website that does not fit the mobile device, will not be thrown as a search result when it is being done from a cell phone or tablet, thus affecting the visibility of our business on the Internet and especially in the positioning natural or organic, since this is a key factor for SEO.

This is not a whim of our favorite search engine, it is the users that increasingly use mobile devices to perform any kind of consultation, as revealed by the online survey with Internet users and smartphones, conducted by Google and TNS in September 2015 in Colombia, you can check the results of it by clicking on Micro-Moments Colombia.

4 steps to check if you have a responsive web design

Google has a wide variety of free tools that help in the entire process of web optimization, in this case we speak only make mention of that to verify whether your website is responsive or not.

Click on mobile optimization test

Enter the URL of the website you want to verify, for example,

Click on the Analyze button.

Do you already know the latest on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat

It’s been a year since facebook allowed us to give more than a liking to the publications that are published on our wall, and all are delighted, but the reason for this is not alien to their big business, this allows you to spy on us and know how we react to each publication, in order to better advise advertisers. According to direct information from facebook, “the wall will be updated so that each reaction has a relevance when analyzing the behavior of users in front of each publication”, this is interpreted, for example, if many publications receive a negative interaction The social network may not publish the ad.

Will Snapchat survive?

On 03/03/2017 OPV went public on the social network and closed with a rise of 44%, comparing its debout with twitter in 2013 where it also had the first day an increase in its shares of $ 18, still the network social reports losses, and there are those who believe that social network tends to disappear as the number of new users has slowed down and only their most loyal fans devote to surfing between 20 and 30 minutes a day. The result is that the number of new hires in Snapchat is slowing down and only devotees of the platform continue to spend more than 30 minutes a day navigating through the application. It’s early to kill anyone the world says, since even snapchat can find the formula to turn around and resuscitate like the fenix bird from among its ashes.

Twitter eggs disappear

The eggs of twitter are those eggs that you visualize instead of the profile picture of a user. Twitter continues to increase security and now all those profiles that are not complete will be eliminated. Often these profiles are also known as trolls or abusers, who are born to harass other users in the network. Youtube TV comes

We can now enjoy all the famous American series, sports, news, cartoons and more by one of the great social networks. The launch of Youtube TV was made last month, but to know when it will be active in the area where you live you must sign up with your email and zip code and they will notify you. The cost of service 35 dollars for 6 accounts, about $ 17,500 pesos per account, is not bad at the price, very affordable considering that its niche market is young people.

Facebook and its commitment to video

The social network at the forefront, knowing how to adapt to changes quickly is what gives success to Facebook and its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has it very clear. This is why Facebook will continue betting on the video, so much so that we will soon see advertising in them, it will allow inserting an ad when it has reached 20 seconds of playback, we will also see it on Instagram.

More photos on Instagram

Our stories will be better counted :), and the social network allows you to publish up to 10 photographs or videos that are previously stored on your mobile in a single post (sounds like the snapchat model).