How To Know The Location Of Your Partner By a WhatsApp Chat

We really did not know anything about this feature, but it seems quite dangerous that a person could know by which IP address another person is connecting to WhatsApp.As we have mentioned in other notes of Geek Data, WhatsApp is still one of the most insecure IM clients and has certain problems in terms of security. Today we are going to show you another security flaw seeing the interest that readers have in the security of this instant messaging

The study of this failure was published by Luis Delgado and Ferran Pichel in Security By Default, not only to take advantage of this feature in order to locate the IP address of a person, but as a security failure that caused a Denial of Service in the app, besides being able to generate an uncontrolled consumption of resources.The problem of security is that by default in the new versions of WhtasApp for Android (iPhone is introducing that feature), the application shows a preview image of any URL that has been sent as a chat message on WhatsApp.

The functionality of displaying a thumbnail preview of an image of the shared web address is common in any social network in which it is allowed to publish URLs, such as Facebook or Twitter, and that is why they must have introduced it. The detail however is subtle as Chema mentions, and completely changes the scenario, since in Facebook or Google+ the image is downloaded from the social network when viewed by a client, but by making this default in a mobile client Security risks are equivalent to when a remote image is downloaded by default in an email.

How To Know The Location Of Your Partner By a WhatsApp Chat

By sending a URL from a website that has an image that is included from a controlled web server, forces the WhatsApp client for Android to make a request to the web server to download the image.In that request you can see the IP address from which the WhatsApp client for Android, that is, the mobile of the person behind a phone number, is connecting. The geographical location of the IP addresses are not 100% accurate and sometimes disparate things may happen, but it poses a risk to the privacy of a person in many cases in which it is possible to geo-position the address more or less correctly. IP.

In addition to that, the USER-AGENT is also in the petition, where many details of the software that is running after a certain phone number are given, which in a targeted attack scheme can be important, especially today they are known bugs for Android terminals not updated. Do not forget that users of Android terminals, due to the dispersion of hardware, are the least updated have the operating system, so they are the most exposed to known exploits.

If you have WhatsApp for Android it is best that you deactivate this option, which contributes rather little for your security and privacy. Also, as a general precaution try not to follow links you receive by WhatsApp messages, because even if you do not automatically upload the images, if you click on a link that you receive by WhatsApp and take you to a controlled web server, you will Make your IP address public, and the same thing will happen.

FDM: Free download manager is another IDM for Freeware Lovers

Those who practice the “wild download” will certainly find this software open source, which manages to handle almost all types of downloads, from the simple file to be downloaded from a site using the HTTP or FTP protocol, to files that are downloaded via the protocol torrent. FDM is a great alternative to IDM and cheaper too but if you get IDM serial key free then no need to get FDM.

The installation does not offer third-party toolbars or software during the file copy process. The only peculiarity of the installer is that it proposes to link the program to the community of the parent site, so as to receive information and opinions from other users on the files that are being downloaded, even in real time. Before starting copying files, the installer will ask whether or not to enable the bittorrent file support, to use this very popular file sharing protocol.

The interface is quite neat, and has a whole series of buttons for managing downloads. To add a “simple” download simply click on the first button on the left (the one marked with the addition sign) and paste the Internet address of the file to be downloaded in the URL field. The other fields to be filled out are intuitive, such as the path in which to save the download and the Activities drop-down menu , which allows you to choose whether to open the file at the end of the download after saving it or starting it from a temporary folder. It is also possible, in the Start Download area , to intervene at the time of download start: automatically , manually (putting it in the queue), or scheduling the execution at a given time, setting the date and time.


Once you have pasted the download address into the appropriate field and configure the other optional settings, simply click on OK to start the download procedure. Unless otherwise specified, the program will start the download by segmenting it, or by establishing with the server as many connections as possible, to speed up the procedure.

Free download manager also supports downloads of FLV movies from video portals like YouTube (but does not guarantee that the download is welcome for the portal to which it is drawn). Once you have chosen the video to be downloaded, we will first click on the video tab, and then on the usual button with the addition sign. The program will recognize the video highlighting information such as title and author (when available), proposing them in a screen that precedes the actual launch of the download.

Interesting the possibility to convert “on the fly” the file that you are downloading. Checking the box automatically converts video … , and then the Customize button , we will indicate to the program which format to “render” the downloaded movie. AVI, FLV, WMV, Mpeg (1 and 2) Mp4 and MP3 formats are supported. Also you can even change the size of the video during the conversion.

Downloading torrent files is just as easy. After downloading the .torrent file that contains the data necessary to hook the download we will not have to do anything else but indicate it to Free download Manager, which will immediately start downloading the affected file. Really convenient and fast. At the bottom of the window we will be able to view information about the peers we are connected to, and the download and upload speeds.

Do you have a responsive web design Check it here

The importance of a responsive web design

Cell phones have evolved to the point where they have completely changed our lifestyle, the way we communicate and especially the way we access information.

The immediacy is the perfect ally for these devices, if it is already more than evident, that yes, we are not on the Internet we do not exist, now is that, if our website is not optimized for mobile we continue in anonymity.

That is, the information on the website that does not fit the mobile device, will not be thrown as a search result when it is being done from a cell phone or tablet, thus affecting the visibility of our business on the Internet and especially in the positioning natural or organic, since this is a key factor for SEO.

This is not a whim of our favorite search engine, it is the users that increasingly use mobile devices to perform any kind of consultation, as revealed by the online survey with Internet users and smartphones, conducted by Google and TNS in September 2015 in Colombia, you can check the results of it by clicking on Micro-Moments Colombia.

4 steps to check if you have a responsive web design

Google has a wide variety of free tools that help in the entire process of web optimization, in this case we speak only make mention of that to verify whether your website is responsive or not.

Click on mobile optimization test

Enter the URL of the website you want to verify, for example,

Click on the Analyze button.

Do you already know the latest on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Snapchat

It’s been a year since facebook allowed us to give more than a liking to the publications that are published on our wall, and all are delighted, but the reason for this is not alien to their big business, this allows you to spy on us and know how we react to each publication, in order to better advise advertisers. According to direct information from facebook, “the wall will be updated so that each reaction has a relevance when analyzing the behavior of users in front of each publication”, this is interpreted, for example, if many publications receive a negative interaction The social network may not publish the ad.

Will Snapchat survive?

On 03/03/2017 OPV went public on the social network and closed with a rise of 44%, comparing its debout with twitter in 2013 where it also had the first day an increase in its shares of $ 18, still the network social reports losses, and there are those who believe that social network tends to disappear as the number of new users has slowed down and only their most loyal fans devote to surfing between 20 and 30 minutes a day. The result is that the number of new hires in Snapchat is slowing down and only devotees of the platform continue to spend more than 30 minutes a day navigating through the application. It’s early to kill anyone the world says, since even snapchat can find the formula to turn around and resuscitate like the fenix bird from among its ashes.

Twitter eggs disappear

The eggs of twitter are those eggs that you visualize instead of the profile picture of a user. Twitter continues to increase security and now all those profiles that are not complete will be eliminated. Often these profiles are also known as trolls or abusers, who are born to harass other users in the network. Youtube TV comes

We can now enjoy all the famous American series, sports, news, cartoons and more by one of the great social networks. The launch of Youtube TV was made last month, but to know when it will be active in the area where you live you must sign up with your email and zip code and they will notify you. The cost of service 35 dollars for 6 accounts, about $ 17,500 pesos per account, is not bad at the price, very affordable considering that its niche market is young people.

Facebook and its commitment to video

The social network at the forefront, knowing how to adapt to changes quickly is what gives success to Facebook and its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg has it very clear. This is why Facebook will continue betting on the video, so much so that we will soon see advertising in them, it will allow inserting an ad when it has reached 20 seconds of playback, we will also see it on Instagram.

More photos on Instagram

Our stories will be better counted :), and the social network allows you to publish up to 10 photographs or videos that are previously stored on your mobile in a single post (sounds like the snapchat model).