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The importance of a responsive web design

Cell phones have evolved to the point where they have completely changed our lifestyle, the way we communicate and especially the way we access information.

The immediacy is the perfect ally for these devices, if it is already more than evident, that yes, we are not on the Internet we do not exist, now is that, if our website is not optimized for mobile we continue in anonymity.

That is, the information on the website that does not fit the mobile device, will not be thrown as a search result when it is being done from a cell phone or tablet, thus affecting the visibility of our business on the Internet and especially in the positioning natural or organic, since this is a key factor for SEO.

This is not a whim of our favorite search engine, it is the users that increasingly use mobile devices to perform any kind of consultation, as revealed by the online survey with Internet users and smartphones, conducted by Google and TNS in September 2015 in Colombia, you can check the results of it by clicking on Micro-Moments Colombia.

4 steps to check if you have a responsive web design

Google has a wide variety of free tools that help in the entire process of web optimization, in this case we speak only make mention of that to verify whether your website is responsive or not.

Click on mobile optimization test

Enter the URL of the website you want to verify, for example,

Click on the Analyze button.

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